Selected chapters from the theory of conducting and leaderschip of choir
chapter: Basic principles of beating techniques     section:    Position of  hands

The hand is rotated so that the joint is most finger and palm slightly raised (as if ready to catch a ball). Relative position of arms are starting to implement clocked movements. Those are participating, as appropriate, either the whole arm or just the forearm or wrist only. Movements can be continuous, smooth, separated, broken. Their shape and size are governed by agogic songs with, dynamic, expression, rhythm section. Switching training is done with both hands. The left hand held the same movements as the true mirror in proportion to the clocked scheme.  From the beginning it is necessary to differentiate movements of the right and left hand. The right hand is leading, setting the pace and beat. The left hand has more varied tasks. Simply talking about the left hand is the "artist" and the right hand "worker".

FRVŠ č.p. 2382 /2011   "Vybrané kapitoly z teorie dirigování a vedení sboru"
Olomouc 2011