Selected chapters from the theory of conducting and leaderschip of choir
chapter: Basic principles of beating techniques     section:    Upbeat – entry sign

Before the conductor gives up his hand, which is a signal that everything is ready, he must convince the view that this really is. In addition to calming must be eyes of all singers fixed on him. Once he stretches the arm and takes a starting position, it means an immediate start. This position is done the preparatory movement, conducting anacrusis. We start the clock on the schedule and preparatory. The movement is headed toward the immediately preceding period. Preparatory movement is already part of the Clock! So it does not give a precise onset, but also tempo, dynamics and expression of the song. The rate determines the size and speed of preparatory gestures. All movements must be more than functional and simple. Preparatory movement is complemented by head moving and looking at singers. A gesture which expresses heavy beat of the bar is in the first time in all types of bars alike. It is derived from the natural movement whose essence is the swing down. Is faster than the rate and corresponds to clock-time. This time is compensated reflection, which is usually directed in the opposite direction from where to go next time beat. 


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